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"Coach McLean has worked with my son since he was a mite in youth hockey and still today works with my son who is now playing in the NAHL.  Throughout all these years, Coach McLean has always been there to provide words of wisdom and encouragement to my son.  Through many lessons, practices, and games, I have watched a relationship continue to grow that I know my son will cherish forever.  My son knows Coach Ryan will be there for him whenever he needs him.  As a parent, I can honestly say I do not think my son would be where he is today without the guidance and work that Ryan McLean has provided.  He is an amazing coach and friend but more importantly an amazing role model for my son."

Stephanie Kemp, Parent


"Ryan McLean and the staff he has assembled with McLean Hockey Training do an excellent job coaching, developing and challenging young hockey players to not only improve their game, but also instill solid work ethic and character.  Ryan has been in the DFW hockey community for a number of years and his success and track record speaks for itself.  His teams always play hard, physical and smart and have captured championships over the years to reflect the hard work.  The McLean Hockey Training camps do a fantastic job of getting kids ready for their next upcoming season or the higher level of competition they are trying to reach.  Ryan and his staff push the boys with strong critique for improvement yet at the same time encouragement and motivation to compete and have fun!  I highly recommend McLean Hockey Training to anyone that wants to improve their game and get ready for the next chapter in the life of a hockey player!"

Chad Enloe, Parent

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"We moved to Dallas in 2011 from Los Angeles. In California, our son Davis had been playing a low level of Class A youth hockey. Ryan took a chance on Davis that he could grow into AA hockey and Davis played for Ryan's AA team, the Dallas Oilers. Davis experienced remarkable growth as a young man and a hockey player working with Ryan. Ryan gave Davis confidence in himself as well as excellent instruction. 

After  that season with the Oilers, Davis went through the TAC process and advanced (as he did for 3 years) to the RMD regional camp in Utah. That success was due to Davis working with Ryan. This success also gave Davis great visibility to prep school coaches all over the USA.

Davis moved on to play AAA hockey with the Dallas Stars Elite program, and then onto 2 years of high level prep school hockey at Lake Forest Academy in Chicago. All that time, Davis continued to train with Ryan who continued to help develop Davis as a player and as a young man. Davis has now played one year of Junior A hockey in Canada while still working with Ryan every chance he can. 

Ryan has become a dear friend of our family. We highly recommend any young man to Ryan for both hockey development and growth as a young man"

Bill Browning, Parent


"I was coached by Ryan for four years. Before meeting Ryan, I was an adequate hockey player, but with Ryan’s knowledge, passion, and experience I was able to grow as a person and player. Through his exceptional coaching ability he was able to transform me into not only a great hockey player, but a great young adult. He holds his players to high standards and has had a positive impact on the hockey community.

I had the honor and privilege of playing my last year of club hockey with Ryan on the McKinney North Stars where we were able to win the club's very first State Championship which took the team to Nationals. When Ryan steps out on the ice he doesn't do it for the paycheck. He does it because he has a passion for the sport and wants to be there to help young players be the best they can be, not only on the ice, but off the ice."

Patrick Conway, Player


"Jud first met Coach Ryan as a 5 year old attending camp for the first time. His experience at camp was so positive that he began skating regularly with Ryan. Nine years later he is still attending each camp and taking lessons. Ryan has become much more than just a coach to our family. He has become a fantastic role model on and off the ice to Jud. Everyone experiences ups and downs in their play, and Ryan has been an amazing support through all those times. By encouraging and expecting the best from his players, Ryan is able to help them compete at the highest levels. He takes the time to know each player and help them develop the skills to be great hockey players and well rounded individuals. Ryan's enthusiasm for hockey is apparent every time he gets on the ice. His positive “can do” attitude builds confidence while also developing skill in his players. As a parent, I feel so blessed to find someone who would become such a positive influence on Jud, not just as a hockey player, but as a growing young man."

Kelly Criss, Parent


"Our son has been playing hockey since he was about 4 years old.  When he started playing hockey my husband and I knew very little about the sport.  We were very fortunate that our son had some great coaches that helped us along the way.  The most influential is Coach Ryan McLean.   Coach McLean has coached Shane almost since the beginning.  While our son has not played on one Coach Ryan’s teams, he has attended his MHT training camps and has a standing weekly skate with him. 

Coach Ryan has become a trusted adviser to both our son and our family.  He maintains honest relationships, giving and commanding respect from and to all of the players he works with.  He tells his players what he expects and lets them know when they are giving less effort than what they are capable of.  Coach Ryan is someone our son is comfortable talking with and confiding in.  We know that he has Shane’s best interests at heart. 

The sport of hockey has many directions and complicated paths for players that can be very confusing.  We have consulted with Coach McLean as our son has progressed in the sport and value his advice.  Coach McLean provides lessons on how to be successful on the ice and off the ice.  He truly cares about the players and frequently refers to them as his boys. 

Coach McLean is a great coach as his results and reputation show.  We however, are most thankful to be fortunate enough to have him as a friend and mentor to our son and our family." 

Sheryl Adler, Parent


I have known Ryan for over ten years, and have an appreciation for what he does at a very deep level.  His love for the game and passion for getting the most out of his players is truly present in everything he does.  Ryan can see talent and skills where others cannot.  He has worked with all of my kids over the years and has been able to bring out their best in different ways.  When he sees an even deeper desire for any player to want more at a higher level, he does whatever he can to get them there.  He has consistently worked with my oldest to get him ready to play juniors as he knows exactly what it takes to get there.  Ryan has opened doors that would never have existed, and has pushed my son to levels he never would have attained without being there throughout the entire process.  Ryan is a players coach, and can take any group and make them far better than anyone else believes possible.  I have also been on both sides of watching him out-coach much better teams because of his depth of knowledge about the game.  Ryan is honest with everyone, willing to teach anyone, and capable of bringing any player to very high levels.

David Warhoftig, Parent


"Both of my boys have had the opportunity to play for and train privately with Ryan McLean. Ryan demands only the highest of effort from his players and the boys respond accordingly. The success of his teams exhibit this. He is demanding but fair and highly knowledgeable in all that is hockey. When I asked my eldest who was the best hockey coach he played for during his travel years, he didn’t hesitate 'Ryan McLean'. Ryan takes the boys and makes them better players and better people."

Andrea Naphan, Parent

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